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Board Reports

2019 Reports

  • President – Melanie Aluotto: Q1 l Q2
  • President Elect – Dan DiDonato: Q1 l Q2
  • Immediate Past President – Steven Jewell: Q1 l Q2
  • Secretary – Carol Twombly: Q1 l Q2
  • Secretary Elect – Bre Ward: Q1 l Q2
  • Treasurer – Polly Johnson: Q1 l Q2
  • Director – Yvonne Moseley: Q1 l Q2
  • Director – Crissie Richardson: Q1 l Q2
  • Parliamentarian – Kris Powell: Q1 l Q2
  • Administrative Operations Manager – Liza Lawrence: Q1 l Q2

2018 Reports

  • President – Steven Jewell: Q3 l Q4
  • President Elect – Melanie Aluotto: Q3 l Q4
  • Immediate Past President – Marcia Fuller: Q3 l Q4
  • Secretary – Carol Twombly: Q3 l Q4
  • Treasurer – Dan DiDonato: Q3 l Q4
  • Treasurer Elect – Polly Johnson: Q3 l Q4
  • Director – Jody Bauer: Q3 l Q4
  • Director – Crissie Richardson: Q3 l Q4

ENA Resources

Request for Research Participants

For students, educators, and researchers requesting member participation: TXENA prohibits the distribution of non-TXENA surveys, links to surveys, or requests for research participants to its members. TXENA does not share member email addresses. If you would like to inquire further about a research request, please contact ENA at