State and Chapter Leadership Orientation Application

ENA provides orientation for new State Council and Chapter officers on an annual basis at the State and Chapter Leadership Orientation (SCLO).  ENA limits the number of seats available at SCLO and identifies those officers who can attend the event usually as the State Council or Chapter President, President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairs of the Government Affairs and Membership Committees.

The Texas State Council (TxENA) provides funding for those applicable new Texas State Council and Chapter officers who submit an application to attend the annual SCLO event on time and are approved by the Texas Board of Directors.

The SCLO stipend will be distributed by the TxENA Treasurer or designate on the first morning of the SCLO event to those approved Texas officers.

If a Texas officer fails to attend all appropriate level events at SCLO, the officer will be required to repay the SCLO stipend to the TxENA.

Any Texas officer who attends SCLO but did not submitted an Attendance and Financial Support Application on time and / or were not approved by the Texas Board of Directors to attend SCLO will not receive a SCLO stipend even if they attend the SCLO event.  In this case, all expenditures related to attending SCLO will be the responsibility of the individual officer.

Note: Attendees submit their SCLO registration with the ENA Component Relations  and must book their own rooms at the SCLO hotel/hotel of their choice.

Texas Officer / Committee Chair SCLO Application

Application must be submitted by November 17, 2019 by 5 p.m. CST.

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