2024 Special Scholarship Registration Reimbursement Application

The Texas EN24 and Other CE Scholarships program is for members using personal resources for their conference registration fee.

EN24 Conference registration reimbursement is limited to applicants with three (3) years of continuous membership in ENA. Application deadline is Nov. 15, 2024 at noon.

Other CE Conference scholarships reimbursement require one (1) year of membership in ENA. Application deadlines are quarterly: March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Nov. 15 at noon.

Only one EN24 or CE Conference scholarship can be awarded to a member per calendar year.

Reimbursement will be 50% of the conference registration fee shown on the uploaded EN24 or Other CE scholarship receipt, up to a limit of $250.

The Jotform application must be completed in a single session as your progress will not be saved to be completed at a later time. Be prepared to include a 100-word summary of professional and educational goals and a summary of your educational experience at the conference. Before submitting this application, review it to ensure that you have completed all necessary fields and uploaded all required documents.

All inquiries regarding application submissions should be directed to:
Vicki Patrick
2024 Scholarship Committee Chairperson
Email: scholarships@txena.org