2020 Challenge Coin

You may or may not have heard the story of the “challenge coin.” Basically, what started as a military tradition that members of the squadron, their family, are given a challenge or celebration coin to become a trademark for tradition, pride, and celebration. Although all coins are different, they tell a story and give a personal touch on recognition.

This year has been unlike any other. There is much to celebrate, and much that we wish we could forget or that never happened. Our annual celebration, our chance to get “the family” together, the 2020 Gala, has gone virtual, with Texas ENA celebrating 2020 as “Year of the Nurse”, ENA’s 50th birthday, and the very important role you have played in this unprecedented time. We hope that you will attend.

Texas ENA has designed a token “celebration coin” and is offering this coin to each ENA member to commemorate this very special year, and your role as a member of our family.

Please accept our “Celebration Coin” by sending us your information below. It will be mailed to you along with a brief history of this tradition, and a virtual hug, hoping that we will be together again very soon.

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