2022 Academic Scholarship Application

Application deadline is Sept. 1, 2022. 

Please make sure you meet all of the eligibility and application requirements before completing this application. Only one scholarship can be awarded to an individual per year.

This application must be completed in a single session as your progress will not be saved on this web page to be completed at a later time. Before submitting this application, review it to ensure that you have completed all necessary fields and uploaded all required documents.

    Applicant Information

    Licenses, Memberships and Credentials

    Current Educational Institution Information

    Full timePart time


    Previous Educational Experience
    Attaching a curriculum vitae or resume is not acceptable. All dates must be included.

    Professional/Employment Experience (Past 5 Years)

    Honors and Achievements
    Please describe up to three (3) relevant healthcare related honors or achievements received in the last five (5) years. Relevant activities are significantly related to the profession of emergency nursing, ENA, public/community health, etc.

    Professional Activities
    Highlight three (3) examples of relevant ENA/other professional organization activities or healthcare related community activities or presentations in the past five (5) years. Relevant activities further the profession of emergency nursing, ENA, public/community health, etc.

    Statement of Professional / Education Goals
    Clearly define two (2) or more educational/professional emergency nursing goals and describe how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals. Goals should be clear and concise.

    Two reference letters are required for all applicants. It is highly recommended that one of the two letters come from either your ENA National State Council or Local Chapter officers to validate ENA participation. (Note: Points will be deducted if one of the letters is not from an ENA National, State or Local Chapter officer.)

    Applicant Attestation
    By checking the box below, I attest that I have reviewed this application for a TXENA Scholarship and to the best of my knowledge, the information enclosed is accurate. I also attest that my name below indicates my electronic signature. I understand the decision as to whether this application qualifies me for approved funding rests solely and exclusively with the TXENA Scholarship Committee and the decision is final.